Accompanied by Omani Delegation, Houthis Fly to Saudi Arabia

Sheba Intelligence | 2023-09-14 04:11 PM UTC
Accompanied by Omani Delegation, Houthis Fly to Saudi Arabia

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Members of the  Ansar Allah (Houthi)  group headed to Saudi Arabia on Thursday, accompanied by the Omani delegation, marking a new stride in reducing the disagreement level between the parties to the conflict in Yemen.

Today, Thursday, the Omani delegation, leading peace negotiations over the last years, landed at Sanaa Airport. Along with Houthi negotiators, including the group's spokesperson, Mohammed Abdulsalam, the Omani delegation flew to Saudi Arabia.

Houthi-appointed president Mahdi Al-Mashat said, "In response to the mediation of the Sultanate of Oman, the [Houthi] national delegation will go, accompanied by the Omani delegation, to Riyadh to complete consultations with the Saudi side…"

An informed source indicated that Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), Yemen's UN-recognized president, also traveled to Riyadh. According to the source, getting Houthi leaders and senior government officials around one table, such as Al-Alimi, is a huge success for the Omani and Saudi peace efforts.

Ali Al-Qahoom, a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, said in a statement on the "X" platform, "The topics which will be discussed with Saudis under the Omani mediation include the payment of all Yemeni employees' salaries, opening ports and airports, releasing all captives and detainees, the exit of the foreign forces, and reconstruction and then reaching a comprehensive political solution."

 In April this year, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, a Saudi newspaper, pointed out that a UN-sponsored comprehensive peace plan was in its final stage. The plan would be implemented gradually, starting with announcing a ceasefire, integrating the central banks in Sanaa and Aden, a complete prisoner swap, building trust, and direct negotiations on the shape of the future governance in Yemen.

The plan also includes re-opening all ports and airports located in Houthi-controlled areas, besides several Saudi-supported economic reforms.

Since April last year, Saudi Arabia began to shift its policy in Yemen, pushing for a peaceful solution after eight years of military operations. In April this year, Saudi Ambassador Mohammed Al-Jabir arrived in Sanaa, meeting Houthi officials in the presence of the Omani delegation. That visit was a turning point for the progress of peace talks and an impetus for more Houthi flexibility.

Today's Houthi visit to Riyadh speaks for their better political openness. However, it does not certainly mean that Houthis have abandoned their ideological dogma that states "ruling people is their divine right."