Clashes in Taiz Kill at Least 8 Houthis

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-05-13 12:03 PM UTC


20 Houthi fighters were killed in clashes with residents in Al-Ta'iziyah District in Taiz on Sunday as the Houthi group continues to mobilize forces and attack military positions controlled by troops affiliated with the internationally recognized government.

Local sources said the Houthi group sent several military vehicles carrying fighters to seize Mohammed Al-Sanawi in the Sharman area. However, Al-Sanawi, along with other tribesmen, ambushed the Houthi forces, killing and wounding 20 militants.

Al-Sanawi and two three tribesmen were also killed in the clashes. Al-Sanawi was a government soldier and was captured by the Houthis years ago. However, he was released as part of the Houthi-government prisoner swap. The Houthis wanted to arrest him again, prompting him to fight until death.

Al-Sanawi confrontation with the Houthis sparked wide reactions on social media platforms in Yemen. Lots of anti-Houthi rights and media activists described his fight against the Houthis as an "act of courage" that can pave the way for a popular revolution in Taiz and all other Houthi-controlled provinces.

The Houthi group describes all those who oppose its rule as "outlaws".

Houthi security forces in Taiz province confirmed the killing of four persons, who the Houthis describe as "criminals".  According to the Houthi-run Saba News Agency, the security forces launched a campaign yesterday in the Al-Ta'iziyah District to "four wanted persons". After clashes between the two sides, the four wanted persons were killed and five Houthis were injured.

The Houthis identified those killed as Muhammad Saleh Othman Al-Thawad, Hamza Ghanem Hamoud Othman Al-Hansari, Muhammad Sadiq Abdo Muhammad Al-Sanawi, and Ammar Hazza Othman Al-Nimr.

Meanwhile, a child and a government soldier were killed yesterday, Sunday, in a Houthi drone attack on the Al-Mafalis area south of Haifan district in Taiz.

According to the sources, the first drone strike targeted a citizen's house, killing the one-and-a-half-year-old child Zidan Aseel. Another drone strike hit positions controlled by the Shield Forces, which are affiliated with Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council.

Late last month, military sources said that forces affiliated with the Nation's Shield Forces took over positions early in Aerim and Haifan fronts of Tur Al-Baha District in Lahj province.

At the time, political observers said the Houthis will consider the deployment of the Nation's Shield Forces as an act of provocation and will attempt to launch fresh attacks in Taiz, particularly areas bordering Lahj province.