Fire Accidents Take a Heavy Toll on the Displaced Persons in Marib

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-04-16 03:31 AM UTC


The Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced Persons' Camps in Marib said that 535 fire accidents had occurred in displacement camps in the province over the past three years and three months, leaving 95 civilian deaths and injuries.

The Executive Unit attributed the cause of most fires to the random wiring of power lines in the camps, indicating that the rising temperatures force the displaced to use air conditioners through random electrical connections, which exposes their tents to the danger of fires.

The Executive Unit added that it documented 34 fire accidents from January until April 13, 2024, resulting in the injury of 4 children.

The following table demonstrates the number of fire accidents in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, as well as the number of casualties.


No. of fire accidents




Five deaths + 12 injuries



6 deaths+ 11 injuries



14 deaths+ 19 injuries



6 deaths+ 22 injuries


  Over the past years, Marib province has become a refuge for many fleeing fighting between Yemen's internationally recognized government and the Houthi group. Local officials estimate that 2.2 million people have fled to Marib, including those who have left for political reasons.