Houthis Establish Military Bases on Islands Near International Waters

Sheba Intelligence | 2023-12-02 09:16 AM UTC


Sheba Intelligence obtained intelligence information confirming that the Houthi group has established naval military bases on the Yemeni islands near international waters.

The information, conveyed by a Yemeni military source, indicates that the Houthis have been able to establish a permanent military presence on the strategic islands of Kamaran and Antufash and are operating boats in the eastern region, opposite international waters, a move which increases the risks to international shipping lanes off Yemen.

The source told Sheba Intelligence that the Houthis began working on the military base on Kamaran Island in the middle of this year and accelerated the process since last October following the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

According to the source, equipment, including surveillance devices and at least two radars, were transferred and installed in two places on Kamaran Island. Combat boats, unmanned explosive boats, forces, and specialists were also transferred to the strategic island between June and August.

The source indicated that the Houthis built a firth in the place, and it is believed that drones with launch pads were also transported to the new base.

According to the sources, the Houthis are using the mangrove forests on the eastern side of Kamaran Island as an excellent cover that prevents them from being detected by drones and satellites.

Another official indicated that the Houthis established another presence weeks ago on the neighboring island of Antufash, which is close to the international shipping lane.

The official added that the Houthis transferred equipment from Kamaran to Antufash after October 7, but the group began establishing their presence on Antufash weeks before that date.

Two sources on Kamaran Island told Sheba Intelligence that the Houthis are constantly patrolling the east of the island and preventing fishermen from approaching certain areas. They indicated that they heard gunfire and explosions from the eastern side of the island several times during October and November. It is believed that those were military maneuvers.

The sources added that the presence of the Houthis in recent weeks has become commonplace on Kamaran Island, and fishermen said the Houthis have also intensified their presence on Antufash Island.

Sheba Intelligence obtained previous information that Kamaran Island Kamaran Island had turned into a missile launching pad and revealed in a previous report in September that Houthis were training “in the Al-Luhayah area to attack ships.”

Since November 19, the Houthis have been seizing the Israeli-linked ship Galaxy Leader  Galaxy Leader between Kamaran Island and the port of Saleef.