Houthis Greenlight Passage for Chinese and Russian Ships to Israel as Moscow Bolsters Military Ties

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-03-22 08:32 PM UTC


An intelligence source told Sheba Intelligence that Russia has bolstered its military ties with the Houthi group. Russian experts have arrived in Yemen to supervise naval operations against US forces alongside experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard present there.

The source mentioned that Moscow is providing training to Houthi officers on missile technology, specifically on Russian-origin missiles acquired by the Houthis from Yemeni army stockpiles. Additionally, discussions between the Houthi group and China and Russia in Muscat, Oman, resulted in permitting Chinese and Russian ships to transit from the Red Sea to any destination, including Israel.

The Chinese government has assigned its ambassador in Muscat to negotiate with the Houthis to avoid any diplomatic complications with the Yemeni government, which has cautioned diplomatic missions against engaging with the group, designated as a terrorist organization by the US.

A Yemeni official criticized the actions of these parties, stating that they are detrimental to Yemen and its people. In a phone call with Sheba Intelligence, the Yemeni source emphasized that the Yemeni government seeks to avoid internationalizing the conflict and that any engagement with the Houthis undermines Yemen's diplomatic relations and investment prospects. Yemen has maintained neutrality in various global conflicts, including the Ukraine war and tensions in Taiwan.

Regarding the arrival of Russian naval missiles for the Houthis, as confirmed by Sheba Intelligence investigation, he added, "The Russians denied that they provided missiles to the Houthis, but they did not rule out the Houthis acquisition of Russian naval missiles from sources other than Russia."