Maneuvers and Armed Clashes Dominate the Scene in Yemen

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-05-19 11:46 AM UTC


Several Yemeni provinces have seen military confrontations and maneuvers as the country’s warring sides continue failing to reach a peace agreement.

Confrontations broke out yesterday between government forces and the Ansar Allah (Houthi) group on a number of battlefronts in Marib province, local sources said. The clashes broke out after Houthis attempted to take over positions controlled by the pro-government forces in Harib district of Marib.

According to the sources, the clashes left deaths and injuries on both sides. The Houthi group has been trying to gain more ground in oil-rich Marib, seeking to control oil and gas fields. However, pro-government forces kept putting up stiff resistance to foil the Houthi attempted ground advance.

In South Yemen, A soldier from the Nation’s Shield Forces was killed in a drone attack launched by the Houthi group on government forces in the Haifan frontline of Taiz. The attack came one day after the Nation’s Shield Forces deployed military reinforcements on the Haifan fronts, south of Taiz province and Aerim in the Al-Qabaita District, north of Lahj province.

The sources revealed that the attack killed a soldier named “Sadiq Al-Subaihi,” and wounded another named “Fidel al-Darba’i.” Since early this month, the Nation’s Shield Forces have deployed fighters in Taiz and Lahj in preparation for a broader military confrontation with the Houthi group.

As the Houthi group keeps launching attacks on its opponents on multiple frontlines, it keeps conducting military maneuvers in provinces under its control.

Yesterday, the local authority and the public mobilization department in Al-Hudaydah province carried out a military maneuver entitled “Guardian of the Flood”. The Houthi group says this maneuver is part of preparations for further escalations in the Red Sea Battle.

The participants in the maneuver were trained on how to use light and medium weapons, attack the enemy, and prevent reinforcements from reaching enemy forces, besides reconnaissance, shooting, and sniping.

Houthi-appointed governor of Al-Hudaydah, Mohammed Ayash, said, “There is great momentum in enrolling in military courses which aim to qualify participants in the arts of war and combat, how to confront enemies, and support the armed forces.”

The Houthi group has also conducted military exercises in other provinces, including Al-Baydha, Dhamar, Sanaa, and Amran.

Meanwhile, forces affiliated with the Yemeni government have participated in the “Eager Lion” military exercise in Jordan, which kicked off on Sunday, May 12, 2024. The exercise includes ground, naval and air forces from 33 countries and aims to combat terrorism and respond to threats of weapons of mass destruction.

The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces said that the participating units are headed by the Commander of the Special Operations Forces, “Ismail Zahzouh,” indicating the Special Operations Forces, the Special Tasks Battalion in Al-Mahra province, and military leaders have participated.

The Eager Lion exercise is described as “the largest” since 2011, and it comes at a time of rising regional tensions due to the ongoing  Israeli war in Gaza in Palestine.