Military Parade Held in Yemen's Al-Jawf Amid Deepening Houthi-U.S. Conflict

News Agencies | 2024-02-20 05:56 PM UTC


The Ansar Allah (Houthi) group keeps mobilizing forces and preparing for a long war against rivals and international troops on several frontlines. 


The Houthi-run Saba News Agency said today a military parade was held in Al-Marashi District in Al-Jawf province where 700 popular fighters completed military courses as part of the general mobilization campaign and preparation for the battle of the "Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad."


The group has mobilized thousands of fighters and established training camps in several provinces in North Yemen. This happened in "solidarity" with Palestinians in Gaza, which Israel has bombed, killing over 28000 people.


The public mobilization officer in Al-Jawf said the parade in the province came within the framework of strengthening readiness to "confront the evil trio of America, Britain, and the Zionist entity".


In early January, Sheba Intelligence reported that the group kept mobilizing fighters and persuading thousands of young people to join its recruitment and training centers.


Sources said some information checks are conducted on everyone, and whoever receives a special recommendation is immediately included in the initial training centers and headquarters. Those who do not receive a recommendation are sent to the intellectual and cultural camps.


According to the report, the group used the Israeli war on Gaza as a justification through which it was able to attract citizens who rejected to side with it and fight for its cause over the seven years of war.


The Public Mobilization Division in the southern districts of Al-Hudaydah province organized multiple parades for graduates who completed military and ideological courses as part of the group's preparation for a battle against the American forces in the Red Sea.  


Yesterday, Houthi authorities classified the U.S. and Britain as "hostile countries" over their support for Israel, which is fighting a war in Gaza against Hamas. This came four days after the U.S. formally designated the Iran-backed Yemeni group as a terror organization.


According to Houthi media, the classification of the two nations was because of their "support of a Zionist entity" and participation in "the genocide being carried out by Israel."


U.S. strikes have hit multiple Houthi sites in Yemen since January 12 to degrade the Houthi military capabilities. The group still shows they can launch significant attacks on shipping lanes in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.