Israel Targets Radar Site in Yemen's Al-Hudaydah as Houthis Mobilize Forces Near Saudi Border

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-01-14 03:28 PM


Intelligence sources told Sheba Intelligence today that Israeli aircraft carried out a strike against the Houthi group, targeting on Saturday, January 13, a radar site in the port of Alkatheeb in Al-Hudaydah.

The sources indicated that the unannounced attacks of the Israelis on the Houthi sites came after the British apologized for stopping its participation in the US-led military operations against the Houthis in Yemen. On Friday, January 12, the US and UK launched dozens of airstrikes on Houthi-controlled provinces.

Meanwhile, the Houthi groups maneuvers on the border of Saudi Arabia are ongoing. On Saturday, the Houthi forces carried out a maneuver in the Al-Buqa area in Saada, near the Saudi border. Houthi units operating Unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and armored vehicles were part of the maneuver.

The Houthi-affiliated Al Masirah TV channel  reported that Saudi forces targeted border areas in Yemen. The channel said, The Saudi enemy is targeting border areas in the Razih District with artillery.

 The hostile language which Houthi media outlets use indicates a state of rising friction between the Houthi group and Saudi Arabia after the


two sides appeared close to reaching a peace agreement over the past few months.