Fighting Within Pro-Houthi Tribes Leaves 18 People Dead in Al-Bayda

2024-02-05 10:52 AM



 Internal fighting between pro-Houthi forces in Al-Bayda province broke out on Sunday,leaving 18 people dead as the Iran-backed  Houthi group prepares to push toward oil-rich Shabwah province.


Military sources told Sheba Intelligence that a dispute arose between the Al Rasas and Al Jahlan tribes after the Houthi group appointed a security director for the Mukayras District in Al-Bayda.


One of the tribes was not satisfied with the person who was appointed as a security director, and that led to the breakout of the fighting in tribal forces that were ready to launch an attack on Bayhan of Shabwah province to control the oil and gas pipelines.


The sources indicated that the confrontations occurred near Al-Nasser Fort on the Aqabat Al-Qanadhi front, which overlooks Bayhan district.

According to the sources, 10 of those killed belonged to the Al Rasas tribe, and eight belonged to the Al Jahlan tribe. Many military vehicles were also set on fire.


The sources pointed out that the tribal conflict could create a division within the Houthi forces on the most critical front, which the Houthi leadership mobilized to control Bayhan through which the two oil and gas pipelines and empty into the ports of Bir Ali and Balhaf in Shabwa.


On the other hand, forces affiliated with the UAE attacked a sit-in by tribes from Shabwahprovince, demanding a reduction in fuel prices. The sit-in began one month ago.


Tribal sources said that the Giants Forces and the Shabwa Defense Forces attacked the sit-in after the protesters escalated their protest and stopped oil tankers from moving between the Al-Uqla oil field and the oil tanks in the Al-Alam area near the capital of Shabwa, Ataq. The attack on the sit-in left several people injured, according to the sources.


The UAE-backed forces fear that the protesters will be a source of confusion at a time when the Houthis are launching continuous attacks on the Bayhan area in Shabwah, seeking to take overit.


The local authorities in Marib were able to peacefully dismantle a similar sit-in after fears that it would create chaos and pave the way for the Houthis to control the Safer fields in Marib.


The Houthis seek political and military influence in Marib and Shabwah, where oil and gas fields and ports are located.