Names of Officers Killed in U.S.-UK Airstrikes on Sites in Yemen Revealed

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-02-10 03:16 PM


The Ansar Allah (Houthi) group today held a funeral in Sanaa for several officers and soldiers who were killed in U.S.-UK airstrikes over the past days, an act which reveals the human losses the group has endured over the past few weeks. 

The Houthi-run Saba News Agency said the officers and soldiers were "martyred by the American-British aggression". It did not say when and where they were killed. 

The agency mentioned the casualties by name, and they were Colonel Abdullah Mujahid Dhiyab, Colonel Abdullah Ali Ghanem, Colonel Faisal Mohsen Musaed, Colonel Sufyan Yahya Al-Aghrabi, Colonel Taha Ali Jamjam, Colonel Hamis Muhammad Al-Jaradi, Colonel Ziad Muhammad Ajlan, Colonel Ghamdan ZabinAllah Jumaida, Major Muhammad Ali Al-Mihdhar, Major Ahmed Mansour Al-Asri,Muhammad Abdullah Al-Houri, Major Ali Muhammad. Al-Dailami, Captain Hashem Ahmed Al-Sawari, Captain Dhi Yazan Khaled Al-Kabsi, Captain Yassin Muhammad Al-Shaari, Captain Ahmed Muhammad Rajab, and Captain Shaif Muhammad Jumaida.

The U.S.-UK airstrikes began on January 12, hitting dozens of Houthi sites in several northern provinces in Yemen. The two countries' military campaign aimed to degrade the Houthi military capabilities and stop the Houthi attacks on shipping lanes in the Red Sea. 

The attacks on ships in the Red Sea are in support of Palestinians and a form of pressure on Israel to stop its war on Gaza, according to Houthi officials. 

The Houthi movement leader said the U.S.-UK strikes have had no effect on the group's military power. He stated, "The American talk about the impact of the strikes on our military capabilities is just for entertainment and to save face. The Americans, starting with the president and the army commanders, admit their inability to stop Yemeni attacks on ships linked to Israel."

While the Houthis have insisted that the strikes had no impact on their military capabilities, today's announcement of the killed officers and soldiers points to the losses they have suffered since the inception of the American-British aerial campaign. 

Military sources told Sheba Intelligence that the strikes seem to have paralyzed the capabilities of the Houthis in Al-Hudaydah, prompting them to move their missile and drone centers from coastal areas to Al-Jawf, Amran, and Saada.


On Thursday, military sources told Sheba Intelligence that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has lost dozens of its experts in Yemen since the start of the U.S.-UK strikes on Houthi missile and drone launch centers.