The Sites Which the Houthis Threaten to Hit in Saudi Arabia

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-07-08 12:16 PM


The Yemeni War Media, affiliated with the Ansar Allah (Houthi) group, revealed on Sunday, July 7, the vital sites that will be targeted in case a Houthi-Saudi war resumes.

The Yemeni War Media posted the coordinates of some Saudi facilities, including Jazan Port, Ras Tanura Port, Jeddah Port, and King Abdullah Port.

This threat came after the Houthi movement Abdulmalek Al-Houthi delivered an angry speech, blaming Saudi Arabia for failing a peace deal in Yemen and cooperating with the U.S. against Yemen.

In his televised speech yesterday, he threatened to close Saudi airports, banks, and ports if the Kingdom continued its economic war on Yemen.

Over the past few months, the Saudi-backed Yemeni government has taken a number of decisions to tighten its control on the banking sectors. The government ordered the commercial banks in Sanaa to relocate to Aden. It also stopped several exchange companies that have not adhered to the instructions of the Central Bank in Aden. Such a move has infuriated the Houthi leadership.

Al-Houthi said, "We will not stand idly by in the face of the Saudi regime's insane steps or watch our people starve and their economic situation collapse."

He added, "The Saudi must realize that we cannot remain silent about his reckless…steps. [The Saudi] must stop this wrong path. We will meet every conduct with the same. If our banks are, the Saudi banks will be hurt. If Sanaa airport is stopped, Riyadh airport will be stopped…".

The Minister of Defense in the Houthi government, Mohammed Al-Atifi, said in a telegram to the Houthi leader, "We are eager for your instructions to fight a decisive battle that will make the enemies regret wasting the opportunities for peace…"

He added, "If the enemies continue in their transgression, they will find nothing from the Yemeni armed forces except the fire of war."

The Houthi threats came a few days after the Saudi foreign minister was ready. On Thursday, July 5, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said the Yemeni peace roadmap is "ready," saying his country is prepared to work according to it. However, he indicated that the situation in Yemen is still challenging, especially at the economic level.

Political observers in Yemen say the Houthi group has felt the massive blows after the Yemeni government has taken several procedures related to the banking sector. According to the observers, the economic war on the Houthis will prompt them to resume the military war.

Over the past six months, the Yemeni group has recruited thousands of fighters in several provinces in North Yemen. The new fighters joined the group after it launched missiles and drones at Israel and targets in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. However, these fighters will head to battlegrounds in Yemeni provinces or Saudi border areas in case a fresh round of war begins.