Sources: Yemen's Houthi Group Plans to Attack Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi

Sheba Intelligence | 2023-10-26 06:03 PM UTC


A Yemeni intelligence source told Sheba Intelligence that the Ansar Allah (Houthi) group plans to fire missiles and drones towards military sites in the Arabian Gulf, especially in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The source said that Al Dhafra Air Base - 32 km southwest of Abu Dhabi is among the targets that will be hit, and the Houthi group still awaits the green light from Tehran.

The Iran-backed militant movements in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon have lately launched attacks targeting US military bases and assets in the region. This escalation ensued from the Israel-Hamas war that began on October 7.

Al Dhafra Air Base, where American, French, and Emirati forces are stationed, had entered a state of alert after the Houthi attack on Abu Dhabi in January 2022.

The intelligence source indicated that the Houthi group has called up military reinforcements and continues to mobilize forces on the border with Saudi Arabia, which suggests the possibility of carrying out more cross-border attacks. Their latest attack on the Saudi Aldood Mountain occurred two days ago.

The Saudi media acknowledged the killing of four soldiers (Ahmed Al-Amiri, Khaled Makhlouti, Nasser Rudaini, and Sultan Al-Harithi) in Houthi attacks on Tuesday on Aldood Mountain, less than 2 kilometers from Yemen's Al-Malahidh border area. A previous Sheba Intelligence report revealed the existence of an operations room run by the Houthi group with support from foreign experts.

Sources from the Houthi group say that targeting Saudi areas is a message to Riyadh that it should implement the Muscat Agreement without procrastination.

Officials in the Yemeni government say that the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia may lead to the collapse of peace negotiations in Yemen.

According to information obtained by Sheba Intelligence, the Houthis continue to deploy ballistic missiles in Al-Jawf, Saada, Al-Hudaydah, Taiz and Al-Bayda, in preparation for launching internal and cross-border attacks. The sources predicted Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and international forces in the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab. Internally, they may fire missiles and drones toward Marib, Taiz, Mocha, Shabwa, and other provinces that remain under the Yemeni government's control.

According to the media center of the Yemeni army, Yemen's Chief of Staff, Saghir bin Aziz, met with the Commander of the Arab Coalition Joint Forces, Mutlaq bin Salem, to discuss field developments and the operational situation on the frontlines. This meeting is an indirect Saudi message to the Houthis in response to their attacks On the Saudi Aldood Mountain, said the media center of the Yemeni army.


The Houthi leadership said it will not stand idle towards what is happening in Gaza, considering the fight against Israel a religious duty. On October 19, the US Army announced its warship USS Carney shot down missiles and drones fired from Yemen. The Houthi group seems prepared to launch more attacks as the Israel-Hamas war rages on.


Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said on Tuesday that the range of the cruise missiles launched from Yemen can reach Israel.

On Wednesday, Israel said that Iran had directed armed proxies in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq to launch attacks on Israel.