Suspicious Deal between Yemen Government and UAE Threatens Aden-Based Leadership Council’s Unity

2023-08-29 08:26 PM UTC


A member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Othman Mujali, demanded that Prime Minister Muaeen Abdulmalik and other government officials be referred for investigation for being involved in corruption cases and suspicious agreements that affect Yemen's sovereignty.

 In a memorandum addressed to the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad al-Alimi, Mujali emphasized the necessity of referring the Prime Minister and everyone involved in corruption cases to investigation.

Mujali demanded the cancellation of all agreements and decisions signed by the prime minister and other government officials, given that those agreements threaten the sovereign wealth of the people.

According to Mujali, the government's refusal to take into account the remarks of the Yemeni Parliament has created disasters in various fields, including electricity, telecommunication, and the banking sectors.

Last week, the government approved a draft agreement to establish a joint Yemeni-Emirati telecommunications company. The Yemeni Parliament rejected that agreement and called for abolishing it.

The Presidential Leadership Council emerged in April last year, taking power from exiled president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The recent rifts among the Council's members could lead to its fragmentation and pave the way for forming a new leadership body.

 In April this year, a parliamentary committee was formed to investigate allegations of irregularities in the oil, electricity, telecommunications and financial issues