UAE-aligned forces seize Saudi-loyalist camp in Yemen’s Socotra Island

Sheba Intelligence | 2024-02-23 04:39 PM UTC



In a concerning turn of events, forces aligned with the UAE have taken control of a camp allied with Saudi Arabia in Socotra, Yemen. According to anonymous sources in the Yemeni government told Sheba Intelligence that UAE-backed troops have seized command of the First Marine Brigade camp and have detained its military leaders.


This development has sparked tension between the UAE-aligned forces, led by a military figure associated with the Abu Dhabi-backed Transitional Council, namely Mohsen Al-Haj, and Saudi forces supporting the Presidential Council, stationed on the island.


The sources indicate the disappearance of Brigadier General Ali Omar Kafayin, commander of the First Marine Brigade, and the prevention of Socotran officers from entering the camp, since approximately 150 soldiers took control of the brigade. Military leaders accuse them of being brought in by Yemeni Airlines last Tuesday and not being native to the island.


The tranquil and remote island is witnessing an atmosphere of tension among KSA-UAE comrades in arms amid accusations flying between Saudi and Emirati allies regarding military escalation in the Island. There are fears of escalation by Emirati-backed forces, who have taken control of the camp, with Saudi forces present in Socotra.


It is worth noting that since Riyadh began supporting the peace roadmap in Yemen between the Iran-backed Houthi group and the internationally recognized Yemeni government, relations with Abu Dhabi, the key ally in the Arab coalition, have become strained. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) supports the Southern Transitional Council, which seeks the secession of southern Yemen.