Yemen Counts Losses as As Cyclone Tej Fades Away

Sheba Intelligence | 2023-10-26 10:50 AM UTC
Yemen Counts Losses as As Cyclone Tej Fades Away


Cyclone Tej, which recently struck Yemen's Al-Mahara, Socotra and Hadramout provinces, killed and wounded the death and injury of more than 150 people, displaced thousands of people and damaged or destroyed hundreds of houses, Yemeni official sources and UNICEF have said.

Local authorities in Al-Mahra documented two deaths and over 150 injuries since the cyclone's arrival on October 24. Moreover, UNICEF Indicated that 13,300 people, of whom 6,916 are children, have been displaced over the last two days.  

Local sources said some of the displaced citizens in Al-Mahra went to the homes of their relatives, and many had been accommodated in the shelter centers, which have become overcrowded.

Al-Mahra was the most affected by the cyclone as 11,900 people, including 6188 children, were displaced, according to UNICEF. In Hadramout, the cyclone displaced 1,400 people, including 728 children. The seawater rose to high levels, and electricity and communications services were cut off in several districts of Al-Mahra.

On Tuesday, Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the Presidential Leadership Council, visited some areas hit by the tropical cyclone in Al-Ghaydah and its suburbs.

In Socotra, the cyclone also damaged 500 homes and cut off the roads linking the city of Hadiboh to the center of Socotra province. The local authorities said the cyclone did not cause human losses in Socotra.